Free Solar Panels in San Antonio

Is it Possible?

When a sales consultant tells you that the solar panels are free, we both know there is a catch somewhere.  Someone, somehow ends up paying for them, and it’s usually you.  The other option is that you aren’t seeing the true benefit of your own solar system, a company somewhere is getting your savings and incentives.

But American Sentry Solar has a simple plan that could end up reimbursing you for the cost of your new solar system. If you follow our process, it is very possible to use your new solar system to earn you back what you invested.  And not just in savings from your new solar system!

Follow These Easy Steps to Earn your Solar Panels

  1. Talk with one of our Solar Experts about what you want in your new solar energy system.
  2. Install your new solar system with American Sentry Solar.
  3. Get your federal tax credit and your local CPS Energy Solar Rebate.
  4. Now that you are enjoying your new system and can appreciate the craftsmanship and energy savings that American Sentry Solar has delivered, here is how you can earn your money back.
    • Tell your neighbors/friends/relatives, who are now admiring your new solar system, about American Sentry Solar and how happy you are with their install process. Then call your American Sentry Solar Consultant, and tell them about your friends that are interested in their own solar system.  You’ll receive $1,000 for every new solar system install with American Sentry Solar from those referrals!
    • Brag at work to your coworkers about how much money you are saving on electric bill, or how you are doing your part to save the environment.  You’ve earned it, it’s time to show it off.  Again, every referral that purchases from American Sentry Solar earns another $1,000.

Solar Host SA – CPS Free Solar Panels

Solar Hosting – Understanding the Downside

Solar Hosting sounds great on the surface, but take a deeper look and see how you are missing out on receiving all the savings yourself.

  • CPS Solar Hosting credits it’s customers $.03 per watt of solar produced over 20 years.
  • You don’t actually own the solar panels.  This could cause huge headaches if you decide to sell your home.  The new homeowners have to agree to take over your 20 year lease.
  • The solar panels will not increase the value of your home, as you do not own the panels.
  • You won’t qualify for the Solar Income Tax Credit, as only homeowner who purchase can receive this.
  • You won’t qualify for the CPS Energy $2500 Solar Rebate.

See the benefits of buying solar panels vs leasing.