You would think that getting a solar panel system would be a simple feat considering the many San Antonio solar panel companies available. However, many installers that work for some of these companies have little field experience resulting in shoddy work and inefficient panels. Did you know that an alarming number of solar panel contractors go out of business within a decade or less? If you’re unsure about your contractor or previous work done on your solar panel system, getting a home solar panel inspection done by a reputable company may be in your best interest. 

Getting Your System Inspected 

It may seem obvious to get a home solar panel inspection if your system is having an issue, but inspections are also commonly done when a home is bought/sold or if insurance inspection is required. It’s also possible that a homeowner may request an inspection if the previous solar panel installer goes out of business (which, as we covered earlier, happens more than you think). If you find yourself in any of these situations, save yourself some trouble and pick a highly qualified and experienced technician to inspect your home! 

Inspections By American Sentry Solar 

It’s possible to run into system failure issues in the future if your solar contractor isn’t using the proper techniques and practices. Everything should be carefully installed and checked in great detail. From the correct solar arrangement on the roof to ensuring the wiring and connections are tightly sealed, having a skilled technician that knows all the ins and outs will spare you any headaches down the road. 

When your solar panel system is installed correctly the first time, you can expect efficiency, smooth operability, and safety (our number one priority) from your system. If you’re having issues with your solar panels, a home solar panel inspection may be necessary. Spare yourself any unnecessary issues and save yourself some money by choosing an experienced and skilled contractor the first time around. 

At American Sentry Solar, our team is composed of highly qualified technicians that have years of field experience and we’re here to make solar panel living a reality for all. Contact our team today to get a free inspection from one of most prestigious San Antonio solar panel companies.