The Best Time for San Antonio Solar Panels Installation

One of the most frequently asked questions about solar power in San Antonio, is when is the best time to install solar panels and save the most money.  Here’s 5 reasons that right now is the best time to install solar panels in San Antonio, Texas.

  1. Solar Investment Tax Credit – The Investment Tax Credit(ITC), also known as the federal solar tax credit, allows you to deduct a percentage of your total solar installation from your federal taxes.  Applying to both residential solar systems, there is no cap on it’s value.  But unfortunately, this program does have an upcoming end date for residential applications.  The ITC started out at an incredible 30%, decreased to 26% in 2020, and drops to 22% in 2021.  Looking forward to 2022, the ITC is scheduled to go to 0% for residential solar installations and 10% for commercial solar installations. To receive a 22% federal tax credit, you will need to start planning now and not put it off another year.ITC - How ITC Works
  2. CPS Energy Solar Rebates – San Antonio has an incredible partner in their CPS utility company.  Currently, CPS Energy is offering up to $2500 per installation of a new solar system, with an additional $500 if you install locally produced solar panels. In addition, CPS Energy has chosen to promote local solar installers by decreasing his rebate by 75% for not using a local installer.
  3. Financing has Incredibly Low Rates Right NowAmerican Sentry Solar has many long standing relationships with a wide variety  of the best lenders available in Texas.  We work with residential and commercial solar lenders to get you some of the best interest rates available.
  4. Cost to Go Solar at Historic Lows – Technology increases solar panel efficiency and lowers in cost ever year, drastically reducing prices, and making solar more affordable than ever before.  Combined with a local producer of solar panels in San Antonio, your cost is incredibly low!
  5. Solar Energy is a Great Return on Investment – One of the certainties of life is a monthly utility bill, and it never seems to be a decreasing cost.  But solar energy can and will offset that bill, and even give you credit with the utility company on good months.  Solar is able to pay for itself quickly and earn you money as the years progress.  Many solar systems pay for themselves within 7 years, and with your 25 year warranty, that can leave you 18 years of savings.  Stop giving the utility company your hard earned money month after month, and invest in a solar energy system today.

Bonus Reason #6

Installing a Solar System Adds Equity to Your Home – Homes with an installed solar system will bring a premium when sold.  Most buyers understand the electric savings they will receive from an already installed solar system on their new home.  The estimated value increase is about $3 per watt of installed solar panels.  And with an average system providing about 5,000 watts of power, that roughly adds up to $15,000 in equity in your home.