Why You Should Choose To Own Your Solar Panels


Owning is Your Best Option

When making a solar decision it’s important to understand the different ways to go so solar. Owning your solar panels is always the best option. This means you’ll own the entire solar system allowing you to reap all tax incentives and benefits so you can control how much you want to reduce your bill.

Why you Shouldn’t Lease Your Solar Panels

  • Incentives go to the solar leasing company and NOT you.
  • If you decide to move, the new buyer must agree to takeover the payments and terms of your lease.
  • Once you’ve come to the end of your lease you will not own the solar power system.
  • You will never ELIMINATE your utility bill no matter how much power your solar system produces.
  • You will not be allowed to upgrade or modify the solar power system for the entire term of the lease contract.
  • The leasing or PPA solar company will sell you on maintenance of your leased system, when solar panels are highly durable and require little or no maintenance.