Texas Net Metering

Can you go solar without net metering in Texas?

Yes you can install a solar system without Texas net metering.  The benefit of net metering is storing excess solar energy with the power company as credits towards times when the sun isn’t powering your solar system. If you don’t have net metering, a common solution would be a battery bank to store that excess solar power.  The third and worst option, is just to lose the excess energy.

What is Net Metering

When your solar energy system generates more power than you have used in your home, excess electricity is sent back out through your meter, into the grid, for others to use.  If you have net metering, your meter keeps track of exactly how much energy you have given back to the utility company, and how much you have used.  This credit lowers your monthly electric bill from the hours the sun wasn’t powering your home or business.

Options for Texas Solar Energy Systems

Net metering policies are enacted at the state level.  Currently in the U.S. 38 states require net metering be offered by the utility companies.  Unfortunately Texas is not included in those 38 states.  This doesn’t mean net metering for Texas is not available.  Many electric company have still chosen to provide this service to their customers.  Roughly 70% of all Texas consumers have the ability to shop their retail electric supplier thanks to deregulation.

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