We install solar panels on homes across the San Antonio area to save homeowners time and money!

Did you know that installing a solar energy system for your Texas home in San Antonio could reduce your utility bill by more than 100%!


Projected Cost of Electricity over 25 Years Without Solar

All calculations based off of EIA’s Residential Energy Consumption Survey

Projected Cost of Electricity over 25 Years With Solar

All calculations based off of EIA’s Residential Energy Consumption Survey

Texas Solar Incentives

As the saying goes, everything is bigger in Texas, and Texas solar power is no exception.  Texas has some of the strongest sunshine in the United States, and as Texans, that is no surprise to you.  The Solar Industries Association ranks Texas in the Top 10 for Solar.

  • 30% Federal Tax Credit  allows you to deduct 30 percent of the cost of installing a solar energy system from your federal taxes.

  • Renewable Energy Systems Property Tax Exemption – Solar has the benefit of increasing the value of your home.  And with higher home values, usually comes higher taxes.  But Texas has established an exemption on solar systems across the state to encourage homeowners to go solar, and not worry about additional tax costs.

  • Additional incentives provided by local electric companies. Check with your electric provider to see if your home qualifies for solar incentives!

    Cities Such as Austin, San Antonio, Guadalupe Valley, Garland, and Sunset Valley all have city solar incentives.

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Texas Solar Rights Law

There can be so many factors to deal with when installing a new solar system no matter where you live.  Luckily, Texas looks for it’s solar patrons.  If your neighborhood is governed by a HOA (Home Owners Association), you will have no worries about HOA regulations and your new solar system.  Texas has a Solar Rights Law that prevents HOAs from banning solar energy system on your house or property.

Texas Net Metering

Even though the State of Texas doesn’t have a net metering policy, many local utility companies do have a net metering policy.  A net metering policy credits owners of a solar energy system when electricity they produce, is put back into the utility lines.  So on cloudy days or nights when your solar system isn’t producing electricity, you can use those credits for all the extra solar energy you produced.

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Find Out How You Can Save

  • Solar panels are easy to install, and save you money right away!

  • Installing solar is good for the planet, and even better for your budget. It will not only decrease your dependency on fossil-fueled and foreign energy sources, but dramatically reduce your energy bill.
  • Our lightweight system is designed to reduce roof stress and increase longevity.
  • By installing solar you create the potential to greatly reduce your energy bills or eliminate it all together. Imagine what you could do with these savings! You could put it towards other payments, vacations, college funds…the possibilities are endless.
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You CAN afford to own Solar Panels in San Antonio.

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Own Your Solar with American Sentry Solar

When making a Solar decision it’s important to understand the different types of ways to go solar. Owning your solar panels for your home is always the best option. This means you will own the entire solar power system and reap all tax incentives and benefits so you can control how much you want to reduce your bill.

Solar Panels will:

  • Use the sun’s energy to power your entire home
  • Cut your utility bill by up to 100% or more in the first month
  • Last for 30 years or more, and pays for itself in 3!
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