Top 8 Benefits of Solar Energy in San Antonio

There are over 50 great benefits of solar energy in San Antonio, but we’ve narrowed it down to the top 8 benefits that will help you make your decision to go solar in San Antonio, Texas. If you want to hear more of the incredible benefits, scroll down to the bottom and contact one of our solar experts for a free consultation today!

Lower Electricity Bills

That hot Texas sun rarely lets up to allow your electric bill to drop, making your utility bill a large part of your monthly expenses. One of the main reasons our customers inquire about solar, is to eliminate or reduce their monthly electrical usage.   With a solar system, the sun will generate free electricity for the 25+ year lifetime of the solar panels.  Even if the system you chose doesn’t produce 100 percent of your mostly energy cost, it will help bring your utility bill down to a reasonable amount.

Installing a Solar System Adds Value to Your San Antonio Home

The average home with solar panels installed, sees an estimated increase of about $3 per watt of installed solar panels.  Multiple studies have also found the homes with solar installed not only have a higher resale value, but sell faster than homes without solar installed.

Solar Power is a Great Return on Your Investment

Your solar panels aren’t an expense, they are an investment with returns.  An average american pays off their solar panels in 7 years, and with the 25 year warranty on the solar panels, will see a great return on their investment.  Why throw your money away paying utility bills every month, when you can invest in renewable energy system and get free energy from the San Antonio sun.

Protection Against Rising Energy Costs

Over the past 10 years, residential energy costs have risen by 3 percent annually.  By installing a solar energy system now, you can offset that rising cost by providing your own electricity.  Fluctuating energy costs can mess with a monthly budget.  Solar will help you remove monthly utility bill surprises and manage your budget.

Local Solar Incentives are Amazing Right Now in San Antonio

CPS Energy has a solar rebate of $2500 with an option to increase it an additional $500.  With support from your local utility company, many San Antonio residents are making a move to solar.

Reduce Your Vulnerability to Power Outages

Rolling power outages have made the news of many states recently.  Owning a solar system won’t make you immune to long spans of energy outages, but can make it easier to endure as your home comes back to life when the sun comes back out. Your neighbors will be knocking on your door to recharge their phones once they see you have power and they don’t.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Clean solar energy is renewable and abundant.  It won’t generate any harmful carbon emissions or greenhouse gases like fossil fuels will.  A typical residential solar system eliminates 3 to 4 tons of carbon emissions per year.  That’s the equivalent of planting 100 trees per year.

Cost to Go Solar is Lower Than Ever

Ever increasing technology has not only made the solar panel more efficient year after year, it has also lowered the cost to produce the solar panel.  San Antonio has a local producer of solar panels which lowers the transportation cost, saving you even more money.

Hopefully you found several great benefits of going solar in San Antonio, Texas in our list.  There are so many more benefits our solar experts can tell you about, and answer all of your questions.  Our consultation is free, at your desired time time, and has no obligation.  Let us help you with getting all the facts to help you make your decision to go Solar.

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