At this point, you’re thinking about solar for your home. There are many advantages to solar energy and many options in terms of installers, but luckily you reached out to American Sentry Solar. We’ve installed thousands of systems across Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Texas.  We make it easy to make the switch to solar and save.

1. Initial Contact, Evaluation, Presentation

Prior to your Free Solar Analysis, our Solar experts will verify there are no issues that would prevent you from saving the absolute most with solar, such as trees or a roof that does not get ideal sun exposure. This is to make sure that we do not waste your valuable time if there are issues that can be addressed before your appointment.

Once your home is confirmed as a good candidate for solar, a representative will come out at a time that is convenient to you and explain all the benefits of solar. After a few quick questions about your home’s energy usage, the representative will be able to determine if solar would be a good investment for your home and if so, we’ll show you a personalized savings estimate.

We realize not everyone knows about solar, so we take the time to listen and answer all your questions. We want you to be informed, knowledgeable, and excited about your solar energy system.

2. Homeowner Decision

Once all the information and benefits have been explained by our solar expert, it’s time for you to make your decision about going solar.

Some things to consider while deciding to go solar with American Sentry Solar:

  • American Sentry Solar helps homeowners OWN their panels, instead of having homeowners sign a solar lease or PPA. Owning panels has a far higher ROI and prevents the homeowner from dealing with the pitfalls of a solar lease or PPA.
  • American Sentry Solar has extensive warranties and offers a 25-year labor warranty on all systems we install.
  • We have a team of solar and roofing professionals, and have been a Solar Power World Top Solar Contractor since 2013! We are also a two-time winner of the Better Business Bureau Torch Award for Ethics and Integrity and have great reviews on Solar Reviews and Google.

So you’ve got all the information, found out how much you’ll save, and decided to go solar.


The hard part is done; now you get to sit back and relax while our team handles the rest.

3. Detail & Site Survey, Interconnection Application, and Permits

Our solar production team will reach out to schedule a site survey appointment. One of our solar technicians will come out and take a closer look at your home. During this appointment, the technician will take exact measurements on your roof, get in the attic and basement to look at the electrical, as well as get a material list together for your installation.

Next, in the office we will take care of the following:

    • Interconnection application through the utility company (this is for your net meter to be changed out).
    • Engineering in order to obtain your permits if your county requires them.
    • Obtaining the permits necessary for installing solar on your home.

4. Scheduling Your Solar Installation

After the above items are secured, you can expect our office to give you a call to get you on the schedule for your installation. Depending on the size of your system, the number of days this will take can vary, but most are usually completed within a day!

5. Scheduling County Inspections

Permit Process

After your installation, we will work with you to get your system inspected and approved. This process is done by the office of the County you reside in and will be completed based on their schedule. American Sentry Solar always works promptly to get these inspections done as soon as possible.

6. Switching Out Your Net Meter, Activation, and SRECs (sign up)

As soon as your county inspections pass, we send over proof of your electrical permit to the utility company. The utility company then swaps out your current meter for a bi-directional meter, allowing the electricity to flow both ways. Once the bi-directional meter is installed, it’s time to start generating energy and collecting the sun’s rays.

Now your solar system is up and running, and it is time to sign up for SRECs or Solar Renewable Energy Credits! It’s best to think of SRECs as a receipt of how much renewable energy your solar panels have produced in an amount of time. Once your solar system produces 1,000-kilowatt hours, you will receive one solar renewable energy credit. After you receive energy credits you can sell your solar renewable energy credits on an open SREC market. In other words, an SREC is a consumer incentive for producing solar energy!

What Are You Waiting For? See If Solar Is Right For Your Home!

Going solar has never been easier or more affordable! At American Sentry Solar we strive to get you the most value out of your solar system. We take the time to walk you through the process and explain all the grants, federal and state incentives, tax credits, and SRECs. If you ever have any questions or concerns, we’re just a phone call away; no automated systems to deal with like the large national installers. To put it plainly, American Sentry Solar makes saving with solar simple, and we have the 5-star reviews to prove it!

If you are thinking about solar, what are you waiting for? Call us and book your Free Solar Analysis for your home, and see why thousands of homeowners have trusted American Sentry Solar for their solar needs.

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